Animal Rights, Welfare & therapy

We believe that all living things have a desire to live a happy life and deserve: to be treated with compassion, a life protected from harm and abuse, medical care and a natural environment in which they can thrive.

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Youth Advocacy

We believe all children deserve basic resources like nutritious food, a safe living environment and education. All parents deserve access to tools that provide instruction on ensuring healthy child development.

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We believe every individual suffering from depression, addiction or substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or any other mental illness deserves access to affordable, effective treatment.

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We believe all human beings are born equal, free and entitled to rights, including: freedom of speech, worship, association, due process under law and participation in the government of their country.

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We believe women deserve the right to: be educated, earn fair and equal pay for their work, govern their own bodies and live free from violence, slavery and discrimination.

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